Spinning and Felting
We carry a variety of models of spinning wheels from Schacht, Louet and Ashford
Spinning is taught with individual lessons.  Using their hands and a top whorl drop spindle, students begin  learning the skill of twisting wool fibers so that the wool will hold together as yarn.    The first lesson is scheduled for two hours. At the end of this lesson, the student will be spinning well enough to be able to practice the spinning skills learned at home.  In the follow-up lesson, students refine their skills on their drop spindles, then choose to ply their handspun yarn, or begin working with the spinning wheel. 

Instructor:  Anna Barry

Times:  Appointments are available on weekday afternoons and late afternoons. The first lesson is two hours in length; subsequent lessons can be one or two hours long.  Call to schedule your spinning lessons!  

Class Fees: $35.00 per hour  + Wool for spinning: $8.95 + Drop Spindle, which will range in price from $25 - $40

Spinning students are offered a credit of $35.00 towards the purchase of a new spinning wheel at White Rock Weaving Center.

Painting with Wool  is  a project where we weave tapestries on frame looms, using colorful wool batt as the weft. The finished pieces may be embellished with needlefelting, and then we add needlefelted figures onto  our woven surfaces.
We have a roomful of wool that can be used for spinning, wet felting and needlefelting.  We also have instructional books with step-by-step project instruction for these crafts.  Most of our wool is sold by the ounce.
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