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I am grateful for all of my customers who have shopped my Retirement Sale. I still have a few things left in my inventory that I would like to sell. All merchandise is now discounted to 30% or more off the list prices. All sales are FINAL.

Due to the corona virus, my shop is open by appointment only, and/or for "take-out" or parking lot pick-up. 
I am available to meet you on most afternoons, wearing 
a mask and social distancing.

Besides the items featured below, I have an assortment 
of shuttles: stick, rag, ski and boat. I have an assortment of metal heddles to fit floor looms. I have weights for tensioning, and short lengths of corrugated cardboard in various widths to use as warp separator, lease sticks in various widths, pick-up sticks and other small tools.  

I have some cones of yarn, some cotton knit roping, 
and a few other things for weaving.

For a spinner, I have a "Freedom Flyer," with a jumbo bobbin, to use with an Ashford Joy spinning wheel.

Please call and come by! 
                                                - Anna Barry

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